Food Waste Disposal Systems

Under sink mounted waste disposal systems are a fantastic way of reducing bin waste and saves to inconvenience of having rotting food in your kitchen or outside bins! If you are thinking about getting one, here is a quick guide to the dos and don’ts.

What goes down?

Nearly everything! Depending on the model you go for and excluding the below..

What stays out?

Depending on the model, there is very little that you should avoid putting down your waste disposal unit, but here are a few things to avoid.

  • Fat and grease: this can harden in your unit as well as your plumbing and drainage causing blockages. Really putting this down your sink should be avoided full stop.
  • Oyster shells: although most units won’t have a problem breaking these down, oyster shells contain silicone, which could settle in your plumbing causing problems down the line.
  • Non-food items and…
  • Spoons or anything metal. Sounds obvious, but you never know…

Keeping things fresh

Some users find keeping their units smelling fresh can be a challenge. Some users find it beneficial to squeeze lemon or citrus juice in to freshen things up. Always follow manufacturers guidance on keeping your unit clean.